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05/11/2014 Is there only one way? MP3
12/07/2014 Ready for Christmas! Prepared for Christ? MP3
04/05/2015 Almost MP3
05/10/2015 Rich Young Ruler MP3
06/21/2015 Are You Going? MP3
09/06/2015 Are You Ready? MP3
09/27/2015 Sola Scriptura MP3
10/04/2015 Sola Christus MP3
10/11/2015 Sola Gratia MP3
10/18/2015 Sola Fide MP3
10/25/2015 Sola Deo Gloria MP3
10/16/2016 Praise God for Our Full Salvation MP3
06/18/2017 5 Links of Salvation MP3
09/10/2017 Romans 10:1-4 Gods Righteousness Or My Own MP3
09/17/2017 Romans 10:5-13 Everyone Who Calls is Saved MP3
10/22/2017 We Have Been Grafted In. Romans 11:11-24 MP3
11/05/2017 All Are Saved? MP3
03/06/2018 Test MP3
09/27/2009 "Why did Jesus Live?" Jeff Ling MP3
03/07/2010 "It's Fishin time!" Jeff Ling MP3
03/14/2010 "Grab Your fishin Buddy" Jeff Ling MP3
01/31/2016 Romans 1:1-6 God's Gospel MP3
03/20/2016 The Gospel is For All Nations and All People! MP3
03/27/2016 How I'm Not Ashamed MP3
09/24/2017 Evangelism Chain Romans 10:13-21 MP3
10/08/2017 Danger of the Gospel Romans 11:1-10 MP3
07/08/2018 The End is Praise MP3
09/11/2011 "God, I'm Powerless" by Johnny McCoy MP3
03/25/2012 Satan's Tactic "Discouragement" Jeff Ling MP3
03/24/2013 Bread of Heaven MP3
03/31/2013 It's Friday but Sundays coming MP3
12/22/2013 Preparing for Christmas MP3
01/26/2014 God Can Turn Around Your Hard Time MP3
04/06/2014 What Difference Does Easter Make? MP3
11/30/2014 Where To Find True Hope MP3
01/04/2015 There is Hope in Jesus-Pastor Johnny McCoy MP3
05/17/2015 What's So Amazing About Grace MP3
07/19/2015 Purpose Defines Existence MP3
11/29/2015 Audacious Hope MP3
08/21/2016 "I Will" -Pastor Joe Boney MP3
10/02/2016 Romans 5:3-5 Rejoice in Suffering MP3
12/18/2016 What Are You Hoping In? MP3
05/19/2013 Jesus Taught MP3
12/15/2013 Is There Room For Jesus? MP3
02/08/2015 'Jesus In The Storm' - Ike Fishbaugh MP3
03/29/2015 Has Jesus Made His Triumphal Entry? MP3
01/24/2016 We Wish To See Jesus-Ike Fishbaugh MP3
12/27/2009 Sharing the Burden Gal6-1-2 Jeff Ling MP3
04/26/2015 Forgiveness-Ike Fishbough MP3
01/01/2017 Resolve to Reconcile MP3
04/15/2018 Romans 12:14-21 How to Deal With Our Enemies MP3
10/04/2009 "Let not Sin reign in your body" Jeff Ling MP3
11/23/2014 The Lord's Supper MP3
12/13/2015 Joy is: He Redeemed, He Restored, He Reigns! MP3
08/14/2016 All of Christ, No Room to Boast MP3
11/19/2017 Romans 11:36- From, Through, to For His Glory MP3
Knowing God
12/06/2009 Are you ready for Christmas MP3
12/26/2010 "The World Needs a Hero...Our Savior" by Jeff Ling MP3
01/02/2011 "God's Trials of Love" by Jeff Ling MP3
01/02/2011 "Be Still, Just Trust God" by Jeff Ling MP3
06/05/2011 "There's a Hole in our Holiness" by Johnny McCoy MP3
06/12/2011 "Power of the Spirit" by Johnny McCoy MP3
06/12/2011 "It's Time to Go to War" by Johnny McCoy MP3
06/19/2011 "The Holy Spirit's on Assignment" by Johnny McCoy MP3
06/26/2011 "R-E-P-E-N-T!" by Jeff Ling MP3
02/10/2013 "Jesus a man submitted to The father" MP3
04/21/2013 One true God MP3
04/28/2013 Attributes of God the "Trinity" MP3
05/26/2013 Are You Spiritually Bankrupt? MP3
06/09/2013 Blessed are those who Mourn MP3
06/30/2013 Hunger and Thirst MP3
02/23/2014 Instructions for Life, Know God MP3
03/09/2014 Instructions for Life, Seek God MP3
04/20/2014 Do You Understand? MP3
04/27/2014 Ask, Seek, Knock MP3
05/25/2014 Intimacy and obedience what is your foundation on? MP3
09/14/2014 Have faith in the hard times MP3
09/21/2014 Matt 11:28 Gods Offer MP3
10/05/2014 Matt12: 12-15 characteristics of Christ Am I like Him? MP3
10/12/2014 Holiness in Hard Times-Jesse Garn MP3
11/09/2014 Matt12: 38-50- Another Sign or Do You Know Enough? MP3
03/01/2015 Expectations, do we have them on God? MP3
03/08/2015 Who Do YOU Say That I Am? MP3
03/15/2015 Three Questions to Answer MP3
07/12/2015 Don't Be a Skeptic, Know His Word and His power MP3
05/08/2016 Woman Who Fears the Lord is Greatly To Be Praised MP3
06/12/2016 Importance of God's Word MP3
07/17/2016 Gods Divine Righteousness MP3
05/07/2017 The Purpose of Prayer MP3
06/25/2017 What Can Separate Us From The Love of God? MP3
07/09/2017 Gods Sovereign Choice MP3
07/16/2017 Gods Sovereignty in Grace MP3
08/13/2017 Psalms 40 MP3
10/01/2017 Was Israel Rejected? Romans 10:18-11:6 MP3
01/21/2018 Know the Will of God MP3
02/04/2018 Ministry for Me? MP3
03/25/2012 What do I choose? Johnny McCoy MP3
11/10/2013 Give, pray, fast...What's your motive? MP3
12/29/2013 Most quoted scripture. Discernment or condemnation? MP3
10/26/2014 Matthew 12:33-37: Our Words Reveal Who We Are MP3
12/28/2014 Do We Pull up Weeds: Matthew13:24-43 MP3
07/26/2015 Are You Irritated? Could Be Pride. MP3
08/02/2015 Woe To The Hypocrite-Part One MP3
08/09/2015 Woe To You-Part Two MP3
New Walk
06/02/2013 Who are you? Stan Bourne MP3
08/11/2013 Be a Light MP3
09/01/2013 The Truth about Looking and Lust MP3
09/29/2013 Not ordinary, but extraordinary! Jeff Ling MP3
10/06/2013 Pray, bless, do good to those who hate. - Part one MP3
11/24/2013 What Are You Investing In? MP3
12/01/2013 Never Worry Again MP3
01/12/2014 It is easier to get into than get out of... MP3
03/16/2014 Instructions for Life, Consider God MP3
05/04/2014 The Golden Rule MP3
08/31/2014 Ministry, why? MP3
01/11/2015 Chasing What Won't Satisfy MP3
01/25/2015 The kingdom of Heaven, what is required of me? MP3
02/15/2015 Is Your Religion On The Outside? Or Do You Have a Relationship On The Inside? MP3
04/12/2015 Dealing With Conflict MP3
07/05/2015 Faithfull Living-Dave Baldwin MP3
08/30/2015 Will He? When? What Does It Matter? MP3
12/27/2015 Flight to Egypt MP3
03/13/2016 What to Do When You Have a Bad Day MP3
04/03/2016 Touched and Changed-Ike Fishbaugh MP3
04/10/2016 The Righteous Will Live By Faith MP3
05/15/2016 What Does God want you to do (right now)? MP3
07/10/2016 Righteousness Is: Part II MP3
10/23/2016 Are You Still "in" Adam? MP3
01/22/2017 The Law Does 4 Good Things. MP3
02/26/2017 The War Within MP3
08/20/2017 We Are Vessels-Romans 9:19-23 MP3
10/15/2017 Romans 11:11-15 Are They Jealous? MP3
12/03/2017 Becoming a Living Sacrifice MP3
12/17/2017 What Motivates You? MP3
03/18/2018 Romans 12:13 Contribute to the Body and Fellowship. MP3
02/06/2011 Whats your testimony? Jeff Ling MP3
03/13/2011 Deny self and Go All In!, Jeff Ling MP3
03/13/2011 "What do you Seek" Jeff Ling MP3
03/18/2012 Self centered-God centered? Jeff Ling MP3
02/17/2013 "Be holy for I AM holy" MP3
02/24/2013 I just want to see Jesus...How 'bout you? MP3
03/03/2013 Him who justifies the ungodly MP3
04/07/2013 Truly Transformed MP3
04/21/2013 Filled with the Spirit MP3
04/28/2013 Controlled by the Spirit MP3
06/23/2013 Blessed are the Meek MP3
07/07/2013 Be Merciful MP3
07/14/2013 Pure in Heart MP3
07/21/2013 Are you a Peacemaker? MP3
08/25/2013 Me, Anger problem? MP3
09/22/2013 Just Say Yes MP3
10/13/2013 Pray, bless, do good to those who hate -Part 2 MP3
10/20/2013 Giving- It's in the heart MP3
11/17/2013 Intimacy and Thoughtfulness-Key to Real Prayer MP3
12/08/2013 Guest Speaker: Dave Baldwin MP3
01/05/2014 A New You -David Baldwin MP3
01/19/2014 God Can Turn Around Your Failure MP3
02/02/2014 God Can Turn Around Your Mistreatment MP3
02/09/2014 God Can Turn Around Your Marriage MP3
02/16/2014 'God Can Turn Around Your Life Direction MP3
03/02/2014 Instructions for Life, Serve God MP3
03/23/2014 Instructions for Life, Courage from God MP3
03/30/2014 Instructions For Life, Act for God MP3
07/27/2014 He makes all things new! Matt: 9 14-17 MP3
08/03/2014 Are you desperate for Him? Matt 9: 18-31 MP3
08/17/2014 Matt C10. Are you fulfilling your mission? MP3
08/24/2014 Where is your worship? - Jesse Garn MP3
11/16/2014 Matthew 13- What Kind of Soil Are You? MP3
02/01/2015 Matt 14:1-21 Do We Have Christ Compassion? MP3
05/31/2015 People Driven/ Fruitful MP3
06/14/2015 Are You Bearing Fruit? MP3
09/13/2015 Stewardship of the Master's Gifts MP3
12/20/2015 When God Disrupts Your Life MP3
02/14/2016 What is Genuine Faith and Do You Have It? MP3
09/18/2016 Justifications Blessing: Peace MP3
11/13/2016 Dead to Self and Alive in Christ! MP3
03/05/2017 The Greatest Chapter r8 MP3
04/02/2017 Signs of Assurance MP3
04/09/2017 Signs of Assurance Part 2 MP3
10/29/2017 Living the Good Life? MP3
11/26/2017 Call to Commitment MP3
12/10/2017 Be a Living Sacrifice MP3
12/24/2017 Romans 12:2 Do Not Conform MP3
12/31/2017 How to Have a Transformed Mind MP3
01/07/2018 9 Pursuits of a Transformed Mind MP3
01/28/2018 Humility is the Key to Unity MP3
03/11/2018 Serving the Lord with Fervency MP3
03/25/2018 Romans 12:14-16 What a Christian is to Be Like MP3
04/08/2018 How You Behave Shows What You Believe MP3
01/03/2010 Are you spiritual? Gal 6:1-2 Jeff Ling MP3
08/04/2013 Am I salt? MP3
07/06/2014 Jesus has authority over sin MP3
10/19/2014 Matt 12: What IsThe Unforgivable Sin? MP3
03/12/2017 No Condemnation Now R8-1-4 MP3
10/24/2010 "Nothin's Happening" by Jeff Ling MP3
11/07/2010 "The Fingerprint of God" by Jeff Ling MP3
03/17/2013 Love is kind MP3
07/20/2014 The Secret to a Happy Marriage MP3
09/28/2014 Matthew 12: 1-14 Law of Love MP3
01/03/2016 New Year's Resolution. Love MP3
07/24/2016 Mark of a Disciple. Is Love MP3
10/09/2016 Greatest Love Shown MP3
06/11/2017 Loved and Called of God MP3
07/23/2017 Love is a Verb MP3
01/14/2018 Trademarked by Love MP3
02/11/2018 Let Your Love be Genuine MP3
02/18/2018 Genuine Love-Part Two MP3
03/04/2018 Genuine Love Includes Brotherly Love MP3
04/29/2018 We Are Obligated to Love- Romans 13:8-10 MP3
06/24/2018 Romans 16: 1-13 Love One Another MP3
07/02/2017 Are You Broken for the Lost? MP3
05/13/2018 Romans 14:1 Welcome the Weak MP3
05/20/2018 Romans 14:1-13 Disputable Matters MP3
05/27/2018 Romans 14:13-21 Bearing With the Weak MP3
06/03/2018 Romans 15:1-13 Please Our Neighbors MP3
11/15/2015 What is a Deacon? Ordination of Jeremiah Dobberpuhl by Jeff Ling MP3
07/01/2018 Romans 16:17-23 Heads Up, a Warning to the Body MP3
12/20/2009 What exactly Is Christmas? Jeff Ling MP3
12/14/2014 What Can We Learn From the Shepherds MP3
12/21/2014 Christmas: A Holy Night-Jesse Garn MP3
12/11/2016 What Are You Waiting for This Christmas? MP3
12/25/2016 God In the Manger MP3
Trusting God
05/29/2011 "Holiness to Brokeness" by Johnny McCoy MP3
08/28/2011 "Our Declarations & God's Promises" by Johnny McCoy MP3
09/18/2011 "What To Do When God's Taking Too Long" by Johnny McCoy MP3
09/25/2011 "Trust God in Times of Turmoil" by Johnny McCoy MP3
09/18/2011 "The Table is Prepared" by Johnny McCoy MP3
09/25/2011 "Faith, Belief & Trust" by Johnny McCoy MP3
10/02/2011 "Stir Our Hearts" by Johnny McCoy MP3
10/02/2011 "Becoming Like Jesus" by Johnny McCoy MP3
08/10/2014 Matt9:32-38 that's when the miracle happens MP3
11/02/2014 Gods Purpose in Trials-Jesse Garn MP3
05/14/2017 God is at Work MP3
07/15/2018 Job: A Righteous Man MP3
07/22/2018 Is God Enough? MP3
07/29/2018 Is God Enough? Part II MP3
10/17/2010 "God Dying for God" by Jeff Ling MP3
03/18/2012 Psalm c1 Whats influencing you? eve Service Jeff Ling MP3
06/03/2012 Repentance Key to Revival Jeff Ling MP3
06/10/2012 Key to revival Repent Part 2 MP3
One Month to Live
09/26/2010 "Learn Humbly" by Jeff Ling MP3
10/10/2010 "Living With No Regrets" by Jeff Ling MP3
03/10/2013 Is God chasing you? MP3
11/08/2015 The Great Commission- Mathew 28: 16-20 MP3
08/07/2016 Motivations to Serve MP3
05/21/2017 Missions Sunday Costa Rica Trip Review MP3
06/17/2018 Romans 15:13-31 Missionary Heart MP3
01/09/2011 "A New Beginning" by Johnny McCoy MP3
01/16/2011 "Focused Worship" by Johnny McCoy MP3
01/16/2011 "All Things Have Become New" by Johnny McCoy MP3
01/23/2011 "Glory of the Ages" by Johnny McCoy MP3
01/23/2011 "Giving Something Back" by Johnny McCoy MP3
01/30/2011 "Key to Successful Christian Living" by Jeff Ling MP3
01/30/2011 "Clean Feels Good" by Jeff LIng MP3
02/06/2011 "You Can't Make Sense Out Of Nonsense" by Jeff Ling MP3
02/06/2011 "Coming To Our Senses" by Jeff Ling MP3
02/20/2011 "Cheap Grace" by Johnny McCoy MP3
02/20/2011 "Coming Back to the Heart of Worship" by Johnny McCoy MP3
02/27/2011 "Foolish Independence" by Jeff Ling MP3
02/27/2011 The Bible and Money" by Jeff Ling MP3
03/27/2011 "Single-Minded Obedience" by Johnny McCoy MP3
03/27/2011 "We're on a Pilgrimage from Earth to Heaven" by Johnny McCoy MP3
04/03/2011 "I'm Amazed at His Grace" by Johnny McCoy MP3
04/03/2011 "Benefits of Grace" by Johnny McCoy MP3
04/10/2011 "The Great Emancipation" by Johnny McCoy MP3
04/17/2011 "The King of Glory" by Johnny McCoy MP3
04/10/2011 "Substaining Grace" by Johnny McCoy MP3
07/03/2011 "Is There Any HOPE" by Johnny McCoy MP3
07/17/2011 "Come to Jesus Meeting" by Johnny McCoy MP3
07/24/2011 "Why is There Conflict?" by Johnny McCoy MP3
07/31/2011 "Blessed Be Your Name" by Johnny McCoy MP3
08/07/2011 "Are You Distant and Dry?" by Johnny McCoy MP3
08/21/2011 "How Will You Graduate at Midnight?" by Johnny McCoy MP3
08/28/2011 "Search Me O God" by Johnny McCoy MP3
01/30/2011 90% of Christians, By Jeff Ling MP3
11/20/2016 Are You Thankful? MP3
07/28/2013 Are you persecuted? MP3
08/16/2015 Courage and Faith-Dave Baldwin MP3
08/23/2015 Do Not Be Alarmed MP3
04/16/2017 The Suffering of Our Savior and Ours MP3
04/30/2017 Suffering in Christ MP3
07/30/2017 Allan Frans-How to Be a Spiritual Champion MP3
04/01/2018 Pilate or Centrian, Which Are You? MP3
09/08/2013 Truth about Divorce MP3
05/18/2014 "Are you for real?" Recognizing false profits. MP3
09/07/2014 Ever have doubts? Your not alone. Matt11 1-7 MP3
05/03/2015 The Divorce Question MP3
11/22/2015 True Eucadastia MP3
02/28/2016 6 Reasons for Unanswered Prayer MP3
04/17/2016 Suppressing the Truth MP3
06/05/2016 Me, Break Commandments? MP3
Lord's Supper
11/01/2015 Lord's Supper MP3
03/26/2017 The Lord's Supper MP3
05/01/2016 God Gave Them Over MP3
04/24/2016 Reasons For God's Wrath MP3
10/30/2016 In Adam or in Christ MP3
11/27/2016 Dead to Sin Alive in Christ MP3
12/04/2016 And He shall Crush the Head MP3
01/08/2017 Who is Your Master? MP3
07/03/2016 Righteousness is Received by Faith MP3
08/28/2016 Faith Upholds the Law MP3
09/04/2016 Abraham Saved by Faith Alone MP3
09/11/2016 Abraham Saved by Faith Alone-Part 2 MP3
02/19/2017 Marriage: The Redemption of Headship/Submission MP3
04/22/2018 Romans 13:1-7 Submitting to Authority MP3
08/12/2018 Job Speaks MP3
08/19/2018 Job's Friend Speaks MP3
08/26/2018 Job's Response Chapter 6 MP3
09/02/2018 Job Chapter 7-8 Bildad Speaks MP3
09/16/2018 Job Chapter 9- Position Changes Perspective MP3
09/23/2018 Job: 10 and 11- Speak in Love? MP3
09/30/2018 Job: 12-13 MP3
10/07/2018 Job 14 MP3
10/14/2018 Job 15-16 MP3
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